Permanent Safe Line Systems


Safe Line Systems:

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We can design, manufacture, supply and fit fall protection systems to suit your specific needs. Lifting and Handling Equipment specialise in fall protection solutions. Below are some of the applications for our safety systems.

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Lifeline Systems:

Our safeline lifeline systems can be installed along the entire work area and allows for 100% Tie Off. It is complemented by our Safety harness and Lanyard range. Our Wire Rope based system complies with EN795 Class C.

GuideLoc Systems:

The GlideLoc Fall Protection Rail system is engineered to offer smooth operation when ascending or descending any existing ladder. Glideloc is a fall protection system, permanently installed on buildings, towers, masts, comprising a guided type fall arrester, which glides up and down a steel or aluminium guide rail. The rails can be retrofitted to your existing ladders.                                                                               

KEEGUARD Edge Protection:

Our free standing roof edge protection rail does not penetrate the roof. The system has been externally certified to EN ISO 14122 , EN 13374 Class A. It is also available as folding version and a unique, fixed roof edge protection system designed for standing seam metal deck roofs. 


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